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Keeping you informed

Our goal is to keep you fully informed as BB&T and SunTrust move forward as Truist. In the coming months, you will receive additional information regarding how any changes will impact you. For now, please read the following information concerning your accounts.

As you are aware, Branch Banking and Trust Company (“BB&T”) merged with SunTrust Bank (“SunTrust”) and the combined bank is now known as Truist Bank (“Truist”). Although now Truist, your BB&T financial center will continue to operate under the BB&T name for some period of time until its operating systems convert to Truist systems.

Amendment to Documents

Effective on the date of the merger, any agreement, disclosure, form or instrument naming BB&T as a party, constitutes a valid and binding obligation with Truist even though the documents reference BB&T as the party in interest. The documents shall be read with Truist in place of BB&T.

The terms and conditions of any agreement, disclosure, form or instrument shall remain in effect unless modified or amended in accordance with any such provision contained therein.

Important notice regarding FDIC insurance

Your deposits at Truist will continue to be insured by the FDIC up to the maximum amount allowed by law. Any deposits you held separately at BB&T and SunTrust prior to the date of the merger will continue to be insured separately for a period of six months from the merger date. Any deposit made to an account you open on or after the date of the merger at BB&T is a Truist deposit for FDIC insurance purposes.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are insured separately for six months from the merger date or until maturity, whichever is later. In addition, if you have a CD that is renewed for the same term and amount during this six-month transition period, the CD will continue to be insured separately until the next renewal date.

After the six-month transition period, your deposits at the former BB&T and the former SunTrust will be added together for the purpose of determining the amount of your FDIC coverage at Truist. Your total deposits at Truist that are in the same ownership rights and capacity will be insured up to $250,000. If you have more than $250,000 in total deposits at the combined banks, you may call the FDIC directly at 877-275-3342 for more information about how your funds may be insured at Truist.

Consumer privacy

Your privacy is important at Truist and we are committed to maintaining and protecting your personal information. After the merger date, accounts opened at BB&T will continue to be governed by the BB&T privacy policy up to the date of conversion of the operating systems to Truist. We will keep you informed as to any changes to the privacy policy that may occur upon conversion to Truist.

For any account opened after the merger date, you will still be able to manage your privacy choices for Truist to fit your particular needs.

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BB&T and SunTrust have merged to become Truist. Both institutions will continue to offer independent product lines for a period of time. This may include differing underwriting guidelines, product features, terms, fees and pricing. Our friendly teammates at your local SunTrust branches will be happy to walk you through their respective products. You can also learn more by contacting them at 800-SUNTRUST or

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