Manage Your Mortgage Fee Schedule

The following list describes fees that may apply to you if you request certain mortgage-related services from BB&T. Keep in mind this isn't a complete list of all costs that could be assessed on an account.

Name of feeFee descriptionFee range
Late charge A fee assessed when you don't make your mortgage payment within your grace period Fees vary by contractual amount, type of loan and state regulation. Please refer to your loan documentation for additional details.
Return payment fee Allowable fees for checks or other instruments that aren't honored by your bank. The fees will be assessed automatically. Fees vary by state from $0 to $50.
Assumption fee A fee assessed when one party assumes an obligation originally incurred by another Up to $900, subject to applicable law
Balloon reset fee A fee assessed when resetting the interest rate on the loan to the current market rate for the remainder of the loan's amortization

All states except NC: $250. NC: $150 if outstanding principal balance is less than or equal to $60,000. 0.25% of outstanding principal balance if balance is greater than $60,000.

Refer to your note for specific fee information.

Consolidation, extension, modification agreement (CEMA) A fee assessed when combining two or more loans into a new, consolidated loan, which also reduces the amount of money a borrower pays in New York state mortgage taxes $1,500
Partial release fee A fee associated with a partial release of lien. A partial release of lien releases a state tax lien from a specific piece of property. However, the lien remains in effect and will restrict the transfer of title of any other properties owned or subsequently acquired by the taxpayer. All states except NC: $100
NC: $0
Recast/reamortization fee A fee charged to the borrower to reamortize the loan, usually after a significant curtailment is made to the loan. Some lenders offer homeowners a chance to lower their monthly payments by "recasting" or "re-amortizing" their current UPB over the original term.

All states except NC: $250. NC: $150 if outstanding principal balance is less than or equal to $60,000. 0.25% of outstanding principal balance if balance is greater than $60,000.

Payoff statement fee

A fee assessed when providing a statement of the amount of the unpaid balance of a loan secured by a mortgage, including principal, interest and any other charges properly due under or secured by the mortgage, and interest on a per day basis for the unpaid balance by expedited means, if allowed by applicable law.

This fee also can be associated with multiple requests made by the borrower.

Up to $15

Loans, lines of credit and credit cards are subject to credit approval.

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