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5 Tips for Working Directly With Builders

Learn how to work with builders selling new construction inventory and avoid potential pitfalls.

How to Create an MLS Listing That Gets Clicks

Create MLS listings that help you get the word out about homes for sale. 

Owning the Close: 4 Ways to Maintain Rewarding Client Relationships

Here are four proven methods for staying top-of-mind with clients for years to come.

What To Do When the Appraisal Comes Back Low

If a home appraisal comes back low, it doesn’t have to mean the deal is dead. 

Inspection Woes: How to Help Your Client Understand What Really Matters

The home inspection report can be an issue for prospective home buyers, but it doesn’t have to be. 

7 Tips for Working With the Listing Agent

Representing two parties with separate goals and expectations can make the relationship between Realtor and listing agent tricky at times. 

Market Ebb and Flow: How to Adjust Your Tactics Throughout the Seasons

When the market changes, there are ways to ensure your business doesn’t waver.

5 Email Best Practices for Realtors

Modern-day real estate pros rely heavily on email—and for good reasons.

5 Tips for Taking Great Listing Photos

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to selling a home. 

7 Social Media Best Practices for Realtors

Learn to engage homebuying prospects with these social media tips for real estate agents.

I've Got Someone for That: 5 Contacts Every Real Estate Agent Needs

Good agents connect their clients to other professionals.

6 Tips for Gaining More Clients Through Referrals

Here are several ways to ramp up your referral game and grow your client base. 

Why BB&T Home Mortgage Is My Go-To Mortgage Partner

Work with a lender who is as dedicated to creating a positive experience as you are.

Top 3 Trends in the Real Estate Industry

Today’s real estate industry is vibrant and changing quickly.

3 Common Client Pain Points—and How to Handle Them

Here are some tips for managing some of the most common hurdles with homebuyers.

Not Using Social Media? Here's Why Real Estate Agents Should Be

A social media presence can provide countless benefits you won’t get otherwise.

New to the Real Estate Game? 5 Tips From Seasoned Pros

Shorten the ramp-up time of your "newbie" phase.

Indecisive: How to Help Your Clients Pinpoint Their Dream Home

Having a home-buying wish list early on helps your chances for a finding the perfect home.

4 Best Ways to Network as a Real Estate Agent

Discover how to meet new people—and watch your business grow.

5 Tips for Working With First-time Homebuyers

Help first-time homebuyers step into a new world full of promise.

5 Real Estate Influencers Worth Following

Discover inspiration for generating leads, developing marketing plans and more by taking notes from those who do it best.

Does Your Mortgage Partner Have These 5 Traits?

Find a lender who works well with you and your clients based on these five traits.

Coaching Tips That Turn Homebuyers Into Homeowners in a Seller's Market

Real estate experts share their tips for coaching home-buying clients to be successful in the most competitive markets.

5 Hot Markets for Real Estate Pros

 Here are some of the best housing markets—and what distinguishes them

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