Owning the Close: 4 Ways to Maintain Rewarding Client Relationships

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Closing on a property usually marks the end of a lot of hard work. But great agents know it’s really just the beginning of what could become a lifelong relationship. Here are four proven methods for staying top-of-mind with clients for years to come.

1. Give a thoughtful gift

It’s common practice to thank clients for their business with a small token of appreciation. Chantay Bridges, an agent in Los Angeles, California, says a gift that is personal and “display-worthy” can help keep your relationship top-of-mind. “Whether it's a plant for their yard or a monogrammed frame or trinket, leave a thoughtful gift they will see often,” she says.

Whenever possible, gift an item that either relates to a conversation you had with your client during their homebuying journey or is something they mentioned they need. “It says: ‘I heard you and didn't forget,’” Bridges says. If the client displays the item in his or her home and guests comment on it, the gift can (literally) bring your name into conversations.

Jlyne Hanback, an agent in the Dallas, TX, area, recommends pet gifts, especially when presented soon after closing day. “Send a follow-up card to your client with a personalized or engraved pet tag that has the pet's new address on it. This can be a big hit with clients and will be a constant reminder of you every time the client sees the pet's tag,” Hanback says.

2. Capture their excitement

Don’t be afraid to ask clients to share a few words about their experience with you at a time when they’re most excited about the purchase or sale of their home.

“Ask for referrals at the closing table, when your clients are likely the happiest. Be prepared to shoot a quick video testimonial on your mobile device,” Hanback says.

3. Share your expertise freely

Helping clients fulfill needs unrelated to the real estate transaction can be a building block to a lasting relationship that leads to unsolicited reviews and referrals. For instance, provide clients with a list of local handymen, painters, landscapers, electricians or house cleaners that you know come highly recommended. Of course, there’s no better recommendation than a great mortgage provider that always has your clients’ best interests in mind.

Some agents are even willing to lend a hand themselves. “At times, I have given my clients housewarming parties or helped unpack boxes and get moved in after the sale,” Bridges says.

Hanback adds that reminding clients of important information related to upcoming property taxes, filing for homestead exemptions before the tax deadline and offering insights in these areas can also be invaluable.

4. Don’t be a stranger

Connect with clients on social media or over email and add the anniversary of their home closing and other personal dates to your calendar. “Remember important days and send a birthday card, holiday wishes and congratulations to your clients or their kids,” Bridges says. These small efforts may add up to you being referred to as a Realtor® who truly cares about their clients.

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