Quicken Financial Management Software

Track and manage your personal finances all in one place with Quicken® money management products


Quicken® helps simplify money management from budgeting to planning for your future.

  • Connect Quicken to your BB&T account in seconds
  • Download and organize your financial information simply and securely
  • Categorize your spending automatically
  • Create a smart budget based on your actual spending patterns
  • Set bill reminders so you'll never miss a payment

Quicken products

Quicken has several products to choose from tailored to meet your specific financial needs—home or business.

The most popular are:

Visit Quicken products(opens in a new tab) for information on other available products.


There are three ways Quicken interacts with your BB&T online banking:

  • Direct Connect
    • Download transactions and update account balances automatically, pay bills, and transfer money between your accounts
    • Monthly access fee: $7.95 for personal clients; $9.95 for business or combined client
  • Express Web Connect
    • Download transactions and update account balances automatically
    • No monthly access fee
  • Web Connect
    • With Web Connect, you manually download transactions from your BB&T account and import them into Quicken.
    • No monthly access fee

Learn more about Quicken's connection services.(opens in a new tab)

How to get started

You'll need to install Quicken on your computer and have your BB&T user ID and password handy. Your online banking account will work with the current version and two previous versions of Quicken.

If you don't already use online banking, enroll nowin BB&T online banking.

Getting started guides

Quicken provides a complete financial solution to help simplify money management.

Ready to get started?

Still exploring?

U by BB&T: Plan and Analyze Overview

Learn how our personal financial management tool helps you take control of your finances—all with one simple login.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Do you want to take control of your full financial life? Then let's talk about how Plan and Analyze can put you on the road to success. If you haven't enrolled in Plan and Analyze, you'll need to do that first.

Then you'll need to link your outside accounts so you can see a holistic view of your entire financial picture. You can link other bank accounts, investments, loans, credit cards, and even rewards accounts. This will help you manage your money better.

The second step is to categorize your transactions. Now that you can see all your accounts, this tool lets you review your transactions and places them into categories like groceries or gas or home improvement. The tool automatically assigns a category based on that specific merchant, but you also have the flexibility to change the category if you want.

Step three is spending analysis. This tool helps answer an important question. Where is your money going? Once you have an answer, you'll know if you're on track and can move to step four, setting a budget.

By setting a monthly budget with specific categories, you'll take control of how much and where you spend your money, and the budget tools syncs with all your accounts so it tells you how you're doing in real time.

The fifth step is to set goals. Most people really want to save money, but they don't. The goal tool helps you save for specific things and tracks your progress as you go. The easy-to-read bar helps you gauge how you're doing in real time. You put in what you want to save for, like an emergency savings account, a car, a vacation, or a college fund, and the tool will tell you how to do it.

Once your budget and goals are set, you can further analyze your financial situation with tools such as cash flow, net worth, and portfolio. Be sure to check those out so you can take full control of your financial life. Because at BB&T, all we see is you.

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    Internet access required. Software instructions and third-party provider information are provided by Intuit®.

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    Combined clients are those who access online banking services for their business and personal accounts with one log in.

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