Mobile Banking: Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

What is BB&T mobile banking?

Our mobile banking service allows anyone with an online banking account to access their eligible accounts from a mobile device. You can check account balances, review account activity and transfer money between accounts.

Mobile banking offers two ways to access your accounts:

What mobile banking products can I use on my mobile device?

  • U by BB&T mobile app – Download our free mobile app for iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Mobile text – Use mobile quick codes to manage your finances on any mobile device with text messaging features

What accounts can I access with mobile banking?

You can access the following accounts using mobile banking. New account types are added regularly.


  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Prepaid MoneyAccount® card
  • Credit card
  • Credit line
  • MyLink payroll card
  • Ready Access card


  • Mortgage
  • Home equity loan
  • Consumer loan
  • Business loan
  • Equipment loan
  • Equipment finance


  • CD
  • IRA
  • Brokerage accounts

How do I manage my BB&T Debit Card through my mobile device?

You can manage your debit card through the BB&T mobile app for iPad, Android and iPhone. You can:

  • Replace a lost, stolen or damaged debit card (ordering a new card automatically blocks the lost card)
  • Personalize your debit card
  • Temporarily disable your debit card
  • Enable or disable debit card purchases, ATM transactions and international transactions
  • Customize you daily purchase limits and ATM withdrawal limits
  • Activate new debit cards

Is mobile banking available in Spanish?

BB&T offers mobile text banking in English and Spanish. Mobile text banking allows anyone with an online banking account to access their eligible accounts using text messaging.

Are there fees to use mobile banking?

BB&T doesn't charge you a fee to use or access our mobile banking service. You should contact your mobile provider for information about fees associated with sending or receiving text messages or accessing the Internet from your mobile device.

Is mobile banking secure?

BB&T is committed to protecting client financial data and keeps the safety and privacy of your information at the forefront. To ensure the confidentiality of your account information, a multilayered security approach has been built into BB&T mobile banking products.

  • Secure Registration Process – For increased registration security, you're required to enroll in BB&T online banking and establish a user ID, password and security questions to register for mobile banking. SMS verification is required to verify your mobile device phone number for mobile text banking. When you enroll in mobile text banking, you'll be asked to reply to a verification message to complete your enrollment. This process associates your mobile phone number with your account. In addition to the security measure, this verification lets you know your mobile device's phone number was successfully entered into the system.

What if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

BB&T will never send full account numbers or other personal information through mobile banking. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, no one can access your account without knowing your unique user ID and password.

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, follow the steps listed below:

  • Report it immediately to your mobile carrier
  • Immediately log in to your online banking account from your computer and delete the lost or stolen mobile number from your mobile settings
  • If you can't get to online banking, immediately call BB&T Phone24 at 888-BBT-ONLINE (888-228-6654) to delete your mobile number from your mobile settings

What is the difference between mobile banking and alerts?

Mobile banking allows you to view account balances and history information, transfer funds and more from your mobile device. Your information will be sent directly to your mobile device.

Alerts are automatic notices sent by BB&T to your mobile device or email containing information about your registered account(s). You choose which alerts you want to see and when you want to be notified.

How do mobile banking and alerts work together?

An alert can notify you of a situation with your account and you can react to that alert using a mobile text message to request additional account information or transfer money between accounts.

For example, if you receive a Low Balance Alert by text message, you can send a BAL ALL text to 69228 (MYBBT) for a listing of your account balances and then send a TRA text message to transfer money from one of your accounts to the account with the low balance.

You can also quickly log in to the mobile app to take any action necessary—balance transfers, payments and more.

Mobile banking enrollment

How do I get started with mobile banking?

To get started with mobile banking, you need a valid online banking user ID and password, and you must have set your security questions. Then you can download the app to your smartphone or iPad or go to from your mobile browser to log in using your online banking user ID and password.

What if I forget my online banking password?

If you're unable to remember your online banking user ID or password, select the Forgot User ID? link on the login screen.

Note: You'll be asked for your BB&T Debit Card/ATM card number and PIN.

Do I have to agree to the terms and conditions to participate in BB&T mobile banking?

Yes. To use mobile banking, you must read and accept the online banking legal terms and conditions. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions, please call Phone24 at 888-BBT-ONLINE (888-228-6654).

I haven't received the verification code on my mobile device. What should I do?

If you haven't received your verification code, first make sure your mobile device's phone number is entered correctly in your Email and Mobile Settings.

How soon do I have to enter the verification code?

You have 72 hours to reply to the verification message. After that time, the message will expire and you'll need to resend the message to your mobile device. To resend the message, log in to online banking and choose the Text Banking link. Choose the Resend Message link. A new verification message will be sent to your mobile device.

How do I change my mobile banking account settings?

Your mobile banking account settings can be changed from your personal computer by logging in to online banking and going to the Email and Mobile Settings page in Alerts. Choose the Go to Text Banking link, and you can add or remove accounts, change account nicknames, assign your default account and update your mobile phone number.

U by BB&T mobile app

What is the U by BB&T mobile app?

The U by BB&T app is a customizable mobile banking experience that allows you to check balances, pay bills, transfer money, pay a person, link non-BB&T accounts and more—all from your smartphone or tablet. As a secure mobile application, U is designed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

What do I need to use the U mobile app?

  • Active online banking account
  • iPhone, iPad with iOS 11 or higher, or Android device with OS 7.0 or higher
  • Mobile device that operates on either Wi-Fi or a data plan

Are there fees associated with the U mobile app?

BB&T doesn't charge fees to download or use the U mobile app. Your mobile carrier may charge for text messaging and web access services. Contact your carrier for information about their fees.

How do I download U to my iPhone or iPad?

Get the U by BB&T app:

Download on the App Store(opens in a new tab)

You can also find it like this with your iPhone or iPad:

  • Go to the App Store
  • Type U by BB&T in the search field
  • Select U by BB&T in your search results to download the app for free

How do I download U to my Android device?

Get the U by BB&T app:

Get it on Google Play(opens in a new tab)

You can also find it like this with your Android device:

  • Go to Google Play on your Android device
  • Type U by BB&T in the search field
  • Select U by BB&T in your search results to download the app for free

Why don't all my recent transactions display when I view Recent Activity or Search Activity on my smartphone or tablet?

Certain device restrictions prevent the U mobile app from displaying all of your recent account activity. Recent activity searches will return the last 6 months of account activity for the selected account. Check number, amount, date range and keyword searches for iPhone, iPad and Android will return up to 14 months of activity.

Why don't I get search results when I search transactions for my account?

Recent transactions and search functions are only available for the following account types:

  • Checking account
  • Prepaid MoneyAccount card
  • Savings account
  • Credit card
  • Credit line
  • Payroll card

Do I ever need to update the U mobile app once I download it?

Yes. From time to time, updates to the BB&T mobile app will be made available that incorporate new functionality and/or address bugs to continue to improve the product for our banking clients.

Mobile text

What is BB&T Mobile Text?

Mobile text banking allows anyone with an online banking account to access their eligible accounts from a mobile device with SMS text messaging. You can:

  • Check your account balances
  • Request a list of your most recent account activity
  • Transfer money between eligible accounts

What do I need to use text banking?

  • Active online banking account
  • Current enrollment in mobile banking with one verified mobile device
  • Verified mobile device that supports SMS text messaging
  • Mobile carrier that supports text

Is text banking available in Spanish?

BB&T offers text banking in English and Spanish. It allows anyone with an online banking account to access eligible accounts using text messaging.

What are quick codes?

Quick codes are short text messages you send from your mobile device to BB&T to request account information. You may request balance and account activity information or schedule a transfer of funds between eligible accounts.

What is the default account?

The default account is automatically selected when the BAL or LAST text command is used alone without specifying an account nickname.

What are mobile account nicknames?

Mobile account nicknames will help you easily identify each of your accounts when making text banking transactions. These nicknames can be up to eight characters in length and are used for text banking commands only.

How current is the account and transaction information?

For checking and savings accounts, information is sent to you in real time, and is accurate as of the time of the text message. The BAL text message will send you the current available balance and the LAST text message will send your most recent posted transactions for the requested account. Pending transactions won't be shown.

What should I do if I don't receive a response from my quick code?

Please make sure you are addressing new text messages or replying to a recent text message from 69228 (MYBBT). In addition, confirm you're using the correct spelling of the quick code, and if you're specifying an account, that you're using the correct account nickname.

How do I transfer funds?

You can make one-time transfers between your eligible accounts using the TRA quick code. If you send the TRA quick code on a weekend or business holiday, the funds will be transferred on the first eligible business day.

The correct format is shown below:

How do I check the status of my transfer?

A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile device after you have sent a TRA text message.

After receiving the confirmation message, you can follow the steps below:

What should I do if I receive an error message in response to my TRA text message?

If you receive an error message after sending the TRA quick code to BB&T, please verify it by following the steps shown below:

Can I send a quick code by email?

No. Quick codes and text messages are not supported using email. The two-way messaging feature of messages will only work with mobile devices.

My mobile number has changed. What do I need to do to keep my access to text banking?

If your mobile number has changed, you must update it in your mobile settings. Update your new number as follows:

  1. Log in to online banking and go to the Email & Mobile Settings page in Alerts
  2. Choose the Edit link next to the mobile number you want to update and enter your new mobile number

Mobile bill payment

How does mobile bill payment work?

Mobile bill payment offers bill payment features from your mobile devices. Using the mobile app, you can send bill payments to the recipients you designate by electronic funds transfer or paper check.

How do I pay bills with the BB&T mobile app?

To set up a bill payment with mobile banking, you first have to create a recipient in the Payments section. Next, select the recipient, account to pay from, send on date, payment amount, and frequency. Then select Continue. Verify the information is correct. Then select Submit.

Can I create a recipient using the BB&T mobile app?

Yes. You can create a new business or person recipient and also edit and delete recipients in the U by BB&T iPhone, iPad and Android app.

What is the difference between due date and send date?

Due date is the date when your payment will be delivered to your payee. Send date is the date when the payment was processed to meet the requested due date. Allow 2 business days for electronic payment processing and 5 business days for paper check processing. Funds for electronic payments will be held during processing.

When do the funds for a payment leave my checking account?

For electronic payments, funded by a BB&T deposit account, funds from your account are held 2 days before the due date to allow for processing. The hold reduces your available balance by the amount of the payment. The funds for your payment must be available on the processing date. However, the funds aren't actually withdrawn from your account until 2 days later, after 7 pm ET on the due date.

How do I know when a payment has been processed?

After BB&T processes your payment, you can view your posted payments using the mobile app. Select the Recent Transactions option to review your payment details. If you deleted a payment prior to processing, or a payment couldn't be processed due to nonsufficient funds, the details screen will display cancelled or failed.

How much bill payment history can I view?

Under the Transactions option in the U mobile app, you can view the last 60 days of payments that have been processed and/or posted. For additional payment history, log in to the BB&T website and go to the Payment History section of Payments.

Can I cancel a scheduled payment if it hasn't been sent?

Yes. All non-processed payments can be cancelled up to 7 pm ET on the send date. Go to the Scheduled Transactions section and select the payment you want to cancel. Once your payment is cancelled, you can view it under the Recent Transactions section. It will display with a cancelled status.

Why do I get an error message when I schedule a bill payment?

An error message will display if you attempt to schedule a bill payment after the cut-off time for that payment type. To schedule the payment, you must change the due date to a later date.

Mobile check deposit

What is BB&T Mobile Check Deposit?

BB&T Mobile Check Deposit is a feature of our U mobile app that allows you to deposit paper checks using an Android, iPhone, iPod Touch device, iPad or iPad mini.

How do I deposit a check with the app?

In the U app, tap the Deposits icon in the bottom navigation menu. Choose the Deposit To account, enter the amount of the check, snap photos of the front and back of the signed (endorsed) check and tap Continue to review your information. After you've verified that your deposit information is correct, tap Submit to submit your deposit.

Who is eligible to use mobile check deposit?

The minimum requirements for mobile check deposit are:

  • A valid BB&T bank deposit account (personal or small business checking and savings)
  • Most current version of the U mobile app

What type of mobile device do I need to use mobile check deposit?

Mobile check deposit is supported on devices that meet the following criteria:

  • Android, iPhone or iPod Touch device
  • iPad (Version 2 or higher) or iPad mini
  • 2 MP or higher camera
  • Apple iOS version 11 or higher for both iPhone and iPad
  • Android OS 7.0 or higher

What version of the mobile app do I need to use mobile check deposit?

We support up to two versions back from the latest version of the app.

If you're unable to use the U by BB&T app, please update it through either the App Store (iPhone and iPad) or Google Play (Android).

What types of checks can I deposit with mobile check deposit?

The following check types can be submitted using mobile check deposit:

  • Personal checks payable to you
  • Business checks payable to you
  • Checks drawn from a United States bank

When will my mobile check deposit funds be available?

Your deposit is generally available the next business day. We will notify you if we need to hold your deposit for further verification.

Mobile check deposits received on weekends, bank holidays and Monday through Friday after 9 pm ET are processed the following business day.

What is the cost for using mobile check deposit?

Mobile deposits are free.

Are there limits for deposits made using mobile check deposit?

No. You're not limited to the number of deposits you can make using mobile check deposit. However, there are daily and monthly limits on the deposit amounts. These limits will vary depending on the amount of time since you opened your accounts, the type of accounts you have, and your accounts being in good standing. You can view your current limits on the Deposit Check page in U Mobile.

How do I establish and maintain good account behavior to get higher deposit limits?

The following best practices will help you establish good account behavior that results in higher deposit limits:

  • Own your BB&T checking account for more than 90 days
  • Keep your checking account funded

What do I do with my paper check after a mobile check deposit has been submitted?

Once you've deposited the check successfully, you should keep the check in a safe place for 7 days. After 7 days, and after you've confirmed the deposited funds have been applied to your account correctly, shred and dispose of the check.

What are some tips on using mobile check deposit?

  • Make sure all other apps running in the background are closed
  • Make sure the check amount entered matches the amount written on your check
  • Verify the back of your check is signed (endorsed) and labeled "For Deposit Only"
  • Flatten folded or crumpled checks before taking your photos
  • Keep the check within the on-screen corners when capturing your photos

Siri Payment

What is Siri Payment?

Siri Payment is a feature of our U by BB&T mobile app. It lets you use Siri to send money with an eligible Apple device. Once enabled, just activate Siri and tell Siri that you want to send money to someone who's already in your recipients list in U by BB&T. Then confirm your payment.

What do I need to use Siri Payment with the app?

To use Siri Payment with U by BB&T, you'll need:

  • iPhone or iPad device
  • Apple iOS 11 or higher
  • Touch ID or Face ID
  • Most current version of the U mobile app
  • BB&T personal checking or savings account
  • Send Money with Zelle® enabled

How do I enable Siri Payment for the app?

Before you can start using Siri Payment with the U by BB&T mobile app, a few settings must be enabled on your device and in the app.

  1. Launch the iOS Settings application on your device
  2. Go to Siri & Search and enable Siri
  3. Under Siri & Search, enable the options for U by BB&T to use Siri
  4. Go to Touch ID & Passcode or Face ID & Passcode and enable Touch ID or Face ID
  5. Log in to U by BB&T and select the gear icon in the top right to go to Profile and Settings
  6. Select Siri Payment under Manage Features and enable Siri Payment

That’s it. Once you’ve enabled Siri Payment, activate Siri to send money.

How do I send money with Siri?

You can send a payment with Siri in a few simple steps. Here’s how:

  1. Activate Siri by holding the home button or saying “Hey Siri” if it’s enabled
  2. Tell Siri to send money by saying the amount of money you’d like to send and the name of the recipient 
    "Hey Siri, send $20 to Chris"
    "Send $20 to Chris using U by BB&T"
  3. Confirm the payment with Touch ID or Face ID

Note: Siri can only send money to people who are already set up in your recipients list in U by BB&T. Siri can't create new recipients on the spot for payment.

Is Siri Payment secure?

Every Siri Payment must be authenticated with Touch ID or Face ID.

Note: Any person whose Touch ID fingerprint is stored on your device will be able to authenticate a Siri Payment.

To learn more about the security of Apple’s technology, please visit Apple’s documentation for Touch ID(opens in a new tab) or Face ID(opens in a new tab).

Are there any fees or limits to use Siri Payment with the app?

There is no fee to send money with Siri.

Send Money limits through U by BB&T:

  • Daily: $1,000
  • Rolling 30-day period: $5,000
  • 1

    Fees from your mobile or data carrier may apply. A monthly service fee applies if you choose to access your online banking financial data through QuickBooks® or Quicken® Direct Connect.

  • 2

    Account eligibility requirements apply. Mobile check deposit is available for iPhone, iPod with camera, iPad version 2 and higher, iPad mini and Android.  A camera is required.

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