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As smartphones and tablets increasingly become a way to manage daily life, it also makes them a desired target for cybercriminals. It is essential to secure them as you would your desktop computer.

BB&T protects your personal information anytime and anywhere you use our mobile technology. For extra security, learn to guard your confidential information by following a few simple guidelines.

BB&T uses a multilayered approach to provide you with mobile security:

  • Multifactor authentication safeguards access to your accounts.
  • Advanced encryption prevents unauthorized access and guards your personal information.
  • Secure information will never be stored on your mobile device—including check images.
  • Personally identifiable information will never be requested or displayed when you use text banking. This includes your PIN, email, personal address, user ID and password.

Follow these tips to protect your confidential information:

Manage Your Security Settings

  • Always use the password or PIN feature on your mobile device to lock your phone.
  • Never lower your security settings for convenience. This only makes it easier for thieves to get into your device.
  • Don't jailbreak or root your device. To "jailbreak" or "root" means to bypass important controls and gain full access to the operating system—it could make your device more vulnerable to malicious software and void the warranty.
  • Don't store your PIN and personal data on your mobile device.
  • Don't click suspicious links or attachments. While it may be difficult to spot some phishing attempts, it's important to be cautious about all communications you receive, including those claiming to be from trusted entities.
  • Back up all of your personal data, such as your contacts, documents and photos, so they may be restored if your device is lost or stolen.

Mind Your Neighbors

  • Prevent anyone from looking over your shoulder while you are accessing mobile banking.
  • Never leave your mobile device idle while your banking session is still active.
  • Do not use free public Wi-Fi connections for banking transactions. Use your phone carrier's Internet connections for enhanced security.
  • Never respond to any text messages asking you to verify your account information. Criminals may use text messages to "phish" for your personal information.

Keep a Close Eye on the Software You Install

  • Only download apps from your mobile service provider or mobile device manufacturer's marketplace.
  • Be cautious about granting apps access to your personal information or letting it perform functions on your device. Disable unwanted services/calling. Capabilities such as Bluetooth and NFC can provide ease and convenience in using your smartphone, but they can also provide an easy way for a nearby, unauthorized user to gain access to your data. Turn these features off when they are not required.
  • Always install software updates and patches to your device as soon as they are available.
  • Install a security app to enable you to find your mobile device if lost.
  • Download a "remote wipe" app to your device to be able to delete all of its data if it is stolen. If it has been backed up, the information can be restored on a replacement device or the original if you get it back.
  • Install a reputable mobile antivirus/security software if available for your device.
  • Always wipe data on your old phone before donating, reselling or recycling it.

Should your device become lost or stolen, you should report these incidents to your wireless provider immediately. They may be able to locate or disable the device. Then call BB&T Online Support at 888-228-6654 to have the device access disabled.

If you suspect your personal information has been stolen or you see suspicious account activity immediately call BB&T Phone24 at 800-BANK-BBT (800-226-5228).

If your mobile device is lost or stolen:

  • Report it immediately to your mobile carrier.
  • For added protection, log on to online banking from your computer, change your password and disable your alerts.
  • If you do not have access to your PC or cannot log on to online banking from a secure location, you may call BB&T Online Support at 888-228-6654 to have your password reset and your alerts disabled.

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