BB&T places the highest priority on protecting your confidential information.

We invite you to explore BB&T Security Central, providing you with the information necessary to stay up to date on the latest security threats and tips.

Just a friendly reminder, BB&T never uses email or text messages to solicit your confidential information. Report suspicious email that uses the BB&T brand by forwarding the email to us at

Identity Protection

ATM Security

Learn the latest on ATM security, including how to identify ATM skimming.

Identity Theft

Find out how to guard against identity theft, including text message scams.

Internet Security

Protect Your Computer

Secure your computers and mobile devices for banking and shopping on the internet.


Beware of emails that can trick you into revealing your private information.

Email Encryption

High security email communication is protected by strong digital encryption, for safe and secure email messaging.


Protect yourself from malicious software designed to infiltrate your computer.