The BB&T CashManager OnLine transition will take place throughout 2009 and 2010. However, once your company administrator is contacted your transition will take just a few weeks! During that time, you will have access to both legacy CashManager OnLine and new CashManager OnLine. Your ability to logon to legacy CashManager OnLine will be deactivated approximately six weeks from the time that your administrator receives information on accessing the new system.


Your new logon credentials will be distributed to you by your system administrator. The first time you log on, you will be instructed to register your existing token again, and you will use it the same way you have in the past as well as when funds are released.


Online banking users can be popular targets of fraud. The new CashManager OnLine application has fraud prevention options you should use to protect your business. Please review Maintaining System Security and take the recommended steps to protect your company from fraud. Additionally, please be advised that BB&T will NEVER request your confidential security credentials via email or telephone.

Security Tips

  • Never respond to, or click on, a link within an unsolicited email
  • Never give a user ID, password or token through email, the Web or text messages
  • Safeguard your CashManager OnLine logon ID, password and token
  • Never provide account information over the telephone unless you initiated the call
If you are uncertain of the authenticity of a communication or if you suspect that a fraudulent transaction has occurred, please call BB&T Treasury Management Client Support at (800)774-8179.

Getting Started Checklist

Designed for company administrators and CashManager OnLine users, this checklist outlines the important steps your company will need to take in order to maintain business continuity. It’s important to review and initiate these steps right away.

If you would like to participate in a guided discussion of these steps, please join us for our instructor-led webinars.