The new CashManager OnLine includes enhanced features that make it even easier for you to initiate ACH (Automated Clearing House) and wire transfers. The streamlined Payments toolbar was designed to help you create and use templates, import/export profiles, third-party lists and payment reports for both ACH and wire transfers.

ACH Transfers

BB&T has added flexible and convenient options that can help simplify your ACH transfers. By customizing templates to meet your business needs, you can reduce time and effort spent on administration.

Some of the highlights of the new CashManager OnLine include:

  • One-time transaction/batch origination, which does not require you to create a template
  • Ability to support the following SEC codes: CCD, CCD+ - Tax, CCD+ - Child Support, CTX, PPD
  • Secondary Account options that allow you to allocate a percent or dollar value of a payment to a payee’s secondary account
  • More robust formatting for CCD (cash concentration and disbursement) and CTX (corporate trade exchange) addenda
  • Greater Import and Export functionality
  • Payment Frequency options, which allow you to set a particular day, date and time for recurring
  • ACH transactions

Wire Transfers

Initiating wire transfers is less time consuming with the new CashManager OnLine. Some of the highlights include:
  • Support for formats such as drawdown, Fedwire, U.S. federal tax and international, including multi-currency
  • Option to establish future-dated and recurring payments
  • Ability to make real-time foreign exchange (FX) transfers
  • Creation of third-party lists for frequent wire recipients
  • Greater Import and Export functionality
  • Audit reports for user activity
  • Controls on entitlements, limits and approvals
  • Security at time of release through multifactor authentication
  • New custom payment reports
  • Ability to sort data by columns or lists

Access answers when you need them

Learning how to make ACH and wire payments using the new CashManager OnLine is easy. Your online Help guide provides the information you need to complete each step of the process and can serve as a reference if you have questions later.