This section describes the actions you can perform under the Services toolbar in the new CashManager OnLine. There are two general categories of services: Check Services and File Services. The Services area is also where you’ll go to access CashManager OnLine capabilities to generate Images and Services Reports.

From the Check Services tab, you can initiate:

  • Stop Payments
  • Positive Pay and Reverse Positive Pay
  • Check Inquiries
The File Services tab is where you can:
  • View and manage file uploads (file imports)
  • Approve, delete or transmit an uploaded file
  • Create an Upload Profile for non-standard format issue files

Check Services—Stop Payments

Entitled users can place, or cancel, a Stop Payment on a single check or a range of checks. The enhanced CashManager OnLine also enables users to cancel Stops that are placed at a BB&T financial center or over the telephone. You can place or cancel a Stop Payment request by clicking on the Check Services tab in the Services menu.

Stop payment request

Check Services—Positive Pay and Reverse Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a service provided for fraud control. It allows you to see checks identified by BB&T as suspect, including checks that are inconsistent with the information you’ve provided to BB&T through the file transfer of issue data. You can access Positive Pay through CashManager OnLine to decide whether BB&T should return the check.

The service works differently depending on whether your account is configured for regular Positive Pay or Reverse Positive Pay.

  • With Positive Pay, the first step is to provide an issue file, or a list of checks your business has issued, by selecting the Issue Maintenance or Upload File features.

The file should include the check number, issue date and issue amount. BB&T maintains this list and compares checks presented against it. If checks are presented to BB&T that don’t match your issues, they are listed as suspect. You can review the suspect checks in each of your accounts and decide whether they should be returned.
  • With Reverse Positive Pay, checks that are within the prior day’s transactions are displayed in CashManager OnLine. You can compare the information listed to your company’s records, and decide whether to return items that do not match.
Remember that when entitled users review their accounts for suspect items, the accounts may be re-named to make them more recognizable. The information may also be sorted alphabetically or numerically (ascending or descending). When you view your Status screen, you will see all exceptions for each account that uses Positive Pay.

Positive Pay

Check Services—Check Inquiries

You can inquire about the status of a single check based on the check number. Possible statuses include:
  • Cleared - a record of the item was found, and the item has been processed and cleared by the bank
  • Stopped - a record of the item was found, and a stop payment has been issued
  • Outstanding - no record of the item was found, which may occur for checks that have not yet reached the bank for processing

File Services

The Upload File feature, formerly known as Import File, enables you to transfer files from your computer to the CashManager OnLine database. Once uploaded, the files are transmitted to BB&T for processing. You can select standard upload formats for ACH and Positive Pay issues files. In addition, you can create non-standard profiles in a fixed-width or delimited format for uploading issues files.

Here’s what you’ll see when you select Upload File under File Services.

Upload File

You can also create a new upload profile.

Create Upload Profile

And review previously uploaded files.

Upload List