Whatever your learning style, you can take advantage of all the resources available to teach you how to customize CashManager OnLine to your preferences, your processes and your business.

Independent Learning

For all users, and particularly independent learners, you’ll find that the enhanced BB&T CashManager OnLine screens are more intuitive and descriptive than ever before. For quick step-by-step instructions, you can click on the Help function—your online reference guide.

Help Function

Assisted Learning

The Help feature is topic sensitive – by selecting Help while you are working within a particular module, you’ll open a window with additional information about that section. From there you can select a particular topic, search for another topic, page forward or backward and even print the topic explanation to create your own personal reference guide. There is also a quick access glossary of terms and abbreviations. The Help feature provides users with instant assistance and support. Want to see how a process works?

Learners who like more assistance will be glad to see CashManager OnLine in action. Throughout the Help function you can click on several See How-To topics – mini videos that offer you on-the spot demonstrations of a particular process. You can try it yourself with a guided demonstration or simply watch each step.

Interactive Learning

Sometimes you need a live person to teach you. BB&T offers interactive, instructor-led webinars designed to familiarize you with all the functions and processes that are part of the enhanced BB&T CashManager OnLine.

Interactive Learning

Your instructor will walk you, along with other users, through key screens and tools. Have a question? The Text Chat function ensures you’ll leave the session confident, prepared and ready to go. Users may register and attend as many sessions as they like.