Transferring funds between accounts is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. From the Transfers toolbar in the new CashManager OnLine, you can quickly and accurately move funds between one or multiple accounts and generate transfer reports as needed. The Transfer function enables you to move funds with greater efficiency and convenience. The templates option can be used to set recurring transactions at the frequency you choose.

Other highlights of the enhanced Transfers tool include:

Select Account Transfers Type
  • Same-day and future-dated account transfers from and to BB&T accounts with the same company ID
  • Fund transfers from one account to another account, from one account to several accounts, or from several accounts to one account
  • Ability to create templates for transfers
  • Template options that allow you to automate recurring transfers between BB&T accounts
Select Template Type
  • Ability to make payments to your BB&T loan accounts
  • Security at the time funds are released through multifactor authentication
  • Access to reports that allow you to monitor your company‚Äôs transfer history and activity, including pending and processed transfers and user reports
Transfer Reports
  • Controls on entitlements, limits and approvals

Access answers when you need them

Learning how to transfer funds using the new CashManager OnLine is easy. Your online Help guide provides the information you need to complete each step of the process, and you can use it as a reference if you have questions later.

View pending and processed transfers