CashManager OnLine   

Small Business Online Clients Transitioning to CashManager Online

This message is for a select number of clients who have been identified and notified that their online banking access is being transitioned from the Small Business Online® (SBO) portal to CashManager OnLine®.

In our continued effort to help you manage your business more securely and conveniently, we are changing how you access your company's banking information online by moving a select number of clients from SBO to CashManager OnLine.

Our commercial and corporate clients will be required to use BB&T's CashManager OnLine for their online account and cash management needs. Any access members of your organization currently have to the SBO portal will be discontinued. A letter indicating your transition dates was sent to your company representative.

Please review the SBO to CashManager OnLine Transition Guide to learn the steps you will need to take to ensure uninterrupted online access to your accounts online.

Key Steps for Your SBO to CashManager OnLine Transition

After the transition period, existing access to SBO will be removed for your company's authorized users. To ensure each user can successfully perform their duties, please make sure they have appropriate access and entitlements in CashManager OnLine. The SBO to CashManager OnLine Transition Guide provides key steps you need to know.

As always, complimentary training is available, including recorded demos and videos, and on-demand training at your convenience.

Contact a BB&T treasury management specialist at 800-525-8763 with any questions about this transition or training resources.

Thank you for allowing BB&T the opportunity to help manage your business efficiently and deliver a more perfect client experience. We look forward to our continued partnership and serving your business needs.