Alert Types

Alerts allow you to receive account information on balances and transactions. You can set alerts that are most important to you and choose to receive them by email or text message, in either English or Spanish.

Balance alerts

Alert Description
Balance Alert Notification of your balance—either Daily or Weekly
Zero Negative Balance Alert Notification when your balance is zero or a negative amount
Low Balance Alert Notification when your balance is at or below a set dollar amount

Debit alerts

Alert Description
Overdraft Fee Alert Notification when an Overdraft or Returned Items fee has been charged to your account
Cleared Check Alert Notification of the checks that cleared your account the previous day

Debit/Withdrawal Threshold Alert

Notification when a debit or withdrawal of more than a set dollar amount is made

Deposit alerts

Alert Description
Deposit Correction Alert Notification when an error is made in the calculation of a deposit
Deposit Threshold Alert Notification when a deposit is made of more than a set dollar amount

Statement alerts

Alert Description
Online Statement Alert Notification when your online statement is available

Security alerts

Alert Description

Email/Mobile Number Changed Alert

Notification when your email address or mobile number has been changed or deleted

Online Banking Profile Changed Alert

Notification when a change is made to your online banking account profile, or your account is locked due to multiple unsuccessful logon attempts
Secure Message Alert Notification when a message is delivered to your inbox in the Secure Message Center

Bill payment alerts

Alert Description
First Bill Payment Scheduled Alert One-time notification when your very first bill payment is activated and scheduled
Recipient Changed Alert Notification when a recipient has been added, changed or deleted

Repeating Bill Payment Ending Alert

Notification when only one payment is left on a repeating payment schedule
Bill Payment Failed Alert Notification when a payment has failed
Bill Payment Scheduled Alert Notification when a payment has been scheduled to selected recipients

Multiple User Access alerts

Alert Description
New Administrator Added Notification when a new user is added—as an administrator
New User Added Notification when a new user is added—and is not an administrator

Business services alerts

Alert Description

Business Services Purchased

Notification of the purchase of Business Services, including any combination of ACH Wire and Multiple User Access

Payments & Transfers alerts

Alert Description

Wire Transfer Status

Notification of the status of a wire transfer, including Requested, Changed, Successful, Returned and Rejected

ACH Payment Status

Notification of the status of an ACH payment, including Requested, Changed and Returned

Wire Insufficient Funds

Notification that the funding account has insufficient funds to process a wire transfer

ACH Insufficient Funds

Notification that the funding account has insufficient funds to process an ACH payment

Credit card transaction alerts

Alert Description
Card Declined Alert Notification when a credit card transaction has been declined

International Transaction Alert

Notification when an international purchase or cash withdrawal from an international ATM has been made
Cash Transaction Alert Notification when cash has been withdrawn from your credit card at an ATM

Online, Phone or Mail Purchase Alert

Notification when a purchase has been made online, by phone or mail

Purchase Threshold Exceeded Alert

Notification when a single transaction or authorization meets or exceeds a set dollar amount

Credit card account notice alerts

Alert Description
Payment Posted Alert Notification when a credit payment has been posted
Payment Due Alert Notification when your credit card payment is due in a set number of days

Balance Approaching Credit Limit Alert

Notification when your current balance is within the dollar amount of the credit limit threshold you set

Fees from your mobile or data carrier may apply. A monthly service fee applies if you choose to access your online banking financial data through QuickBooks® or Quicken® Direct Connect.

Business credit cards are subject to business type and credit approval.

Deposit accounts are subject to credit approval.

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