Alerts can provide business owners with key account information on the go. It's simple to set up and manage alerts with BB&T Small Business Online®. Then your primary account owner can receive alerts by text message or email and stay informed without having to log in.


Getting essential information in a timely fashion helps you make informed business decisions and keep your operations running smoothly. With alerts, as the primary account owner you can:

  • Get notified of activities on your business accounts
  • Use payment and transfer alerts to follow important business transactions
  • Receive balance alerts for business accounts by email or text message

Your business email address and phone number must be current in your small business online banking profile to receive alerts.


Ensuring the security of your business information is a top priority for us. We protect your accounts with multiple layers of security:

  • Your organizational information is protected by advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access
  • Our alerts service uses the same security as online banking
  • Our transaction alerts can protect your business accounts and credit cards by notifying you of how and where they're used

Learn more about small business online security.

Automatic alerts

When you enroll in online banking, you're automatically set up with security alerts to help your account stay safe. You're alerted when:

  • A change to your profile occurs, such as a new password
  • Your email address or mobile number gets changed or deleted
  • Your account is locked due to multiple, unsuccessful login attempts
  • Your account has a new administrator or a new user added

Customizable alerts

You can choose from a variety of additional alerts to receive information that's most important to your business:

  • Daily or weekly account balances
  • Withdrawal of cash from your account
  • ACH and wire transfer status
  • Online, phone or mail purchases using your credit card
  • Credit card transaction at an international location

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Fees from your mobile or data carrier may apply. A monthly service fee applies if you choose to access your online banking financial data through QuickBooks® or Quicken® Direct Connect.

Loans, lines of credit and credit cards are subject to credit approval.

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