Building an Effective Email Marketing List

Email marketing continues to be a proven and valuable way to increase, maintain and strengthen your customer relationships. Use these tips to build a strong email marketing list.

Make it easy to sign up online

Make sure there's an option for customers (or potential customers) to subscribe to your company email on each page of your website and all of your social media sites.

Explain why

Describe the benefits of receiving your emails—deals, promotions, educational information and more. Usually, when people know what to expect, they'll be more likely to sign up.

Collect email addresses in person

If you have an office where customers regularly visit, put a mailing list out, and ask if you can add them to your email list. Don't be afraid to ask—most customers won't mind hearing from you (especially if you provide something they need). If you don't have a physical office, take your business card to trade shows and other events, and ask for email addresses.

Deliver relevant, quality content

Make sure your emails provide information that subscribers will find relevant and newsworthy—discuss sales and discounts, news in your community or industry and newly available products or services.

Offer an incentive to join

Offer a prize, coupon or discount to those who sign up for your emails—whether on social media, your website, in your office or at a tradeshow. You may also choose to offer "gated content," which can only be viewed by subscribers.

Be conversational

Don't get caught up in wordsmithing every email you write. Make it simple, direct and conversational. Use visuals and infographics to illustrate concepts, products or services. "Speaking" to your followers in a relatable tone builds customer relationships.

Be cautious of your quantity

When it comes to emails, quantity doesn't outshine quality. It's critical that you don't send too many messages—you'll either create a negative association with your brand or be "too common" and no one will read your email. For reference purposes, more than once a week is too much.

Learn when to send emails

Try sending messages on different days and at different times to determine when your emails are most read and your links are most clicked by customers.

Make it work for you

Whatever tactics you pursue, an email marketing strategy is a valuable and inexpensive way to build your customer relationships and increase followers.

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