Tips to Win Over Millennials

As the largest generation in the US workforce, millennials have enormous purchasing power and influence. How can your business win over members of this dynamic generation?

Have a strong online presence

Because they value information, millennials will check out your online reviews, website content and social media presence before deciding to do business with you. In fact, they find most things on the internet, so it's vital you have a strong online presence.

Make sure to include numerous testimonials by previous and current customers, detailed information about your products and a clear statement of your company's values and background on your website and through social media.

Respond to their values

Millennials value diversity, inclusion and social responsibility. So reflect that message on your website and through social media. Point out how your company gives back to the community, participates in green initiatives and welcomes all customers.

Go mobile

Millennials are rarely without their phones. That means you need to make sure your website and social media platforms are optimized for mobile devices. All your product information and content layout should be easily accessible and readable on a mobile device. Remember, that's where millennials go first to get their information!

Be reliable

Millennials will research your products and services and challenge any claims you can't back up. Because they rely on the opinions of others their age, if you can engage a large percentage of millennials in some way, they'll spread the word organically for you.

Give them a good deal

Thanks to mobile devices and the internet, most consumers can research and compare prices within minutes. Millennials will ask for a better deal than what you offer. So consider how much you'll be willing to negotiate in order to develop a stronger customer relationship.

Interact with them

The more you connect with each millennial, the more likely they'll shop with you. Provide ways for them to receive sale notifications on items they've purchased or new product announcements based on their interests. But don't overdo it. Remember, you don't want to overload anyone's inbox or annoy visitors with too much pop-up messaging.

Track usage

Millennials are aware that businesses track their online activity, and they're OK with it. They know the benefits and expect to receive individualized offers and information

Grow your business with millennial customers

By strategically reaching out to millennials, you can make your brand appealing to the most powerful purchasing generation on the planet. Your future growth may depend on how you interact with this group—so take them seriously and connect however you can.

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