Wealth Investment Process

For qualified investors, BB&T offers investment management, including private state-of-the-art investment accounts that can encompass every investment vehicle, such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Strategic thinking and recommendations of hand-picked national and global money managers
  • More personalization options as we customize your portfolio to fit your investment goals and personal options
  • A single, unified and closely monitored account
  • A highly trained and dedicated BB&T portfolio manager who will work to integrate your unique needs, tax situation and other preferences into a customized investment portfolio that reflects your personal financial situation

You’ll gain access to today’s leading money managers, minimize the tax implications of your investments and ensure that multiple components of your portfolio are fully integrated and closely monitored to support your personal priorities, preferences and restrictions.

Additional advantages include:

  • A broader selection of investment styles, funds and securities provides greater access to the expertise and knowledge of national and global money managers
  • State-of-the-art technology allows your local portfolio manager to coordinate all facets of your investment activities
  • Total visibility of your entire investment portfolio through a unified account and statement

In structuring your investment portfolio, your BB&T portfolio manager works closely with your BB&T advisor and other members of your advisory team to recommend an asset allocation strategy customized specifically for you.

As part of our investment process, we can incorporate a broad range of asset classes to help reduce risk and enhance potential return.

Options include:

  • Individual stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Bonds and other fixed income securities
  • Exchange traded funds
  • Real estate and commodities

Within each benefit class, you’ll have the benefit of recommendations and advice provided by best-in-class money managers, whom we carefully screen and select from across the nation and around the world. Your BB&T portfolio manager retains the option to decline any recommended transactions that are inconsistent with your specified investment preferences or restrictions.

With a unified view at the local level, your portfolio manager can anticipate—and manage—the tax implications of portfolio rebalancing and other recommended transactions.

Your portfolio manager also:

  • Can override money manager recommendations, when appropriate, to limit capital gains tax implications
  • May consult with you about actively pursuing a loss-harvesting strategy when it supports your overall financial goals

BB&T employs a rigorous, comprehensive and ongoing process to choose the money managers whose recommendations will be incorporated into your portfolio.

Process overview:

  • We begin with a broad universe of managers known for their past performance and potential for strong future performance.
  • Applying rigorous, consistent methodology, we screen managers to select the most appropriate blend for each investment style and asset class.
  • Screening criteria include education and experience; stability and depth of research teams; investment edge; sound and repeatable process; risk controls; reputation; and performance in comparison to benchmarks and peers.
  • We provide similar scrutiny on an ongoing basis to ensure that our selections continue to meet our high standards.

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