wealth lending

Your BB&T Wealth advisor will leverage our lending network, bring in the experts and resources you need, and provide you with relationship-based lending solutions.

Strategic credit can be a powerful tool for meeting short-term liquidity needs or providing longer term cash-flow solutions.

  • Secure the funds you need without having to liquidate assets
  • Benefit from special financing options and tax advantages
  • Consolidate debt, reduce interest costs and lower your monthly payments
  • Receive customized credit solutions based on a full understanding of your financial plan

Mortgages & Home Equity

BB&T understands the complex financial situations of our Wealth clients and offers customized lending solutions and preferred rates. Products include jumbo mortgages, vacation- or second-home mortgages, bridge loans, and home equity loans and lines of credit.

Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

Use the liquidity contained within your stocks, mutual funds, CDs, savings accounts and other financial instruments as collateral. Products include secured and unsecured loans, vehicle loans and luxury lending.

Business Lending

We can help your business allocate resources more efficiently, create cost savings and allow you to focus on growth. Our wide range of services and industry expertise includes all areas of commercial lending.

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